A book reading in a bike shop

Last week, I had the opportunity to do a book reading at Bayview Bicycles on Whidbey Island (drive north of Seattle, take the ferry out of Mukilteo, drive up the island for about ten minutes, and you’re there). I read the first couple of pages from The Descent into Happiness, which was appropriate since part of that initial chapter takes place in the bike shop I was reading in.

We had a great audience, which made for a great evening. Before the event took place, a group of us had dinner and beers at The Taproom. I’d recommend both the bike shop and the brew pub if you ever find yourself visiting the island.

The book is about the thought process that goes into distance cycling. It just felt right to read from the book, and engage the audience, surrounded by steal, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

Thanks to Michael for hosting the reading at Bayview Bikes.

Portland Podcast

While driving through Portland to drop my son, Evan, off at Lewis and Clark College to start his freshmen year of studies, I stopped in for an interview about The Descent into Happiness at The Sprocket Podcast. You can listen to the interview at https://www.thepodcasthost.com/thesprocketpodcast/.

I found out about this podcast years ago when I was looking for something smart and funny to listen to while running. The Sprocket Podcast is great in that they focus on “simplifying the good life” by inviting guests onto the show  who talk about all things green and sustainable–such as cycling.

Thanks go out to Brock and Adele for interviewing me and promoting the book.

Brock at work recording the podcast. 

Taking a vacation

I haven’t posted a blog in a while because I’ve been on vacation. Well, a vacation of sorts. My family is vacationing in Spirit Lake, Idaho for a week as we road-trip to Portland, Oregon to then drop my son Evan off at Lewis and Clark College, where he’ll start his undergraduate studies. It’s been a bit stressful, packing up the car with all of Evan’s possessions, preparing to take him to the next chapter of his life. But the stress has been mitigated with a week-long stay at our friend Suzanne’s cabin at Spirit Lake; all we seem to do here is sleep, eat, swim, repeat.

I’ve also taken a bit of a vacation from this blog, which is good. I enjoy the blog, but it’s an element of my day-to-day life, and right now I’ve separated from the day-to-day routine. I love to write, but sometimes it’s good to break from what we love.

Stopping in South Dakota to ride the wild dinosaurs. 



When I was a kid, my favorite snack was Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts.  They were filling, portable, delicious…  what’s not to love about a pop tart?  Sure, there is no health benefit to this amazingly tasty treat, but that’s not the point.  It’s like having a bit of a  taste vacation from  what might otherwise be a daily, healthy diet.

Colectivo upped the ante by introducing their own spin on the fresh toaster pastry.  I am quite fond of the blueberry variety; what is quite frightening, though, is the new Nutella pop pastry. I haven’t tried one yet, out of concern over the potential loss of all self control.

Who can say no to Nutella?


Last night, Paul and Gabi stayed at our house. They are the second Warm Showers guests I’ve had the opportunity to host. They arrived around 8:30 in the evening, having biked from Madison that day, and quickly cleaned up and enjoyed a good meal–shish kabob, fruit salad, and Mirror Pond Pale Ale.  As soon as they were done, they wanted to sample some Wisconsin custard, so I sent them off to Kopps, where they enjoyed the flavor of the day.

We had a great conversation over a breakfast of coffee, bacon, and eggs. They’re biking down to Chicago to spend the night with some extended family, and then they’ll continue to head east. Makes me wish I was touring too.