I haven’t blogged for a while. Last quarter, I taught an overload, a total of 5 courses to over a hundred students. It was rather energy consuming, so any energy I had for writing made its way into my journal rather than the blog or the next manuscript. That’s unfortunate, and I consider it a mistake, one I hope to learn from. The lesson is this: if there is something you are passionate about (and I’m passionate about writing), then don’t let life, especially one’s career, interfere with that passion. It’s ironic, because my career involves a great deal of writing (email to colleagues and students, comments on drafts of student essays, etc.).

But that was then, and this is now, and I’ve decided never to do an overload again. Plenty of time now for writing–and riding. I recently acquired a Specialized Fatboy, a bike made to go slow on trails and in snow. I’ve learned to ride all my bikes slowly, so it only made sense that I acquire a bike that’s made for my kind of cycling.

It’s nothing but fun, and it’s upright riding position lets you take a good long look at the countryside around you.