It may be an historical exaggeration, but Einstein owned a number of suits, and they were all the same. Because they were all the same, he didn’t have to think about what he was going to wear that day, since he always wore the same thing.

I’ve often given this thought–what it is I want to think about and not think about, since we are each comprised of our memories, thoughts. I don’t like thinking about what to wear every day, so I tend to purchase durable clothes and wear them in the same rotation.

This is well illustrated with my shoes. Because I always bicycle, I always wear bicycle shoes. The last pair I wore were made by Shimano, size 48. They wore out, so this morning I purchased a new pair of shoes–made my Shimano, size 48. Yes, I did look at other brands and models of shoes, but at the end of the shopping experience, it was a bit of a no-brainer: stick with what works. And, don’t give it much thought, so you can think about other stuff.

Old shoes.
New shoes (note the cool Boa ratcheting system).

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